I am very new to Docker and I have been able to understand 4 things

  • Dockerfile
  • Docker image
  • Docker container
  • docker-compose

along with some basic commands like docker run, docker log etc.

Now, I came across this command docker attach with a description here

Use docker attach to attach to a running container using the container’s ID or name, either to view its ongoing output or to control it interactively. You can attach to the same contained process multiple times simultaneously, screen sharing style, or quickly view the progress of your detached process.`

I have no idea what do they mean when they say we can attach if we want to view a container's ongoing activity or output? If I have a Container for a console application and I simply do docker run on it then I can see the output right there in the console window.

What could be a few benefits of docker attach?

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When containers are run with the interactive option, you can connect to the container and enter commands as if you are on the terminal:

$ docker run -itd --name busybox busybox

$ docker attach busybox
/ # echo hello world
hello world

The attach option also allows multiple connections to view the same container and see what each is typing.

Lastly, while connected to a container with the tty option (-t), you can type Control-P Control-Q to detach from that container and leave it running in the background. You can then attach to that container again in the future.

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What is Docker attach?

Allows one terminal to attach a running container. It allows you to connect to process' STDIO in another terminal.

What's the benefit?


This allows you to view its ongoing output or to control it interactively, as though the commands were running directly in your terminal.

Here's a demo of attach:

enter image description here

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  • It's good to provide some new information in answers but I think your answer doesn't provide any valuable information regarding what was asked in the question. The question was about docker attach, OP knew about other commands. – Kartik Chauhan Jul 19 '19 at 16:22
  • OP asked about benefits of docker attach, I answered that by explaining the benefit and added in a demo - this is valuable info IMO. As for the other concepts, I misread the opening sentence and have edited the answer. – Joel H Jul 20 '19 at 13:03

Docker attach command is used to attach our terminal to a running container to control I/O operations.

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