I have installed bower-rails gem

then in bower file I included bootstrap-sass, it installed bootstrap-sass in vendor/assets/bower_components.

Now according to a resource bower-rails automatically takes care of adding bower_components to assets, so I am trying this in application.css

 *= require_tree .
 *= require_self
 *= require 'bootstrap-sass'

But it throws me error that bootstrap-sass file not found.

Do I have to manually add vendor/assets/bower_components to assets?

I am pretty new to rails so some explanation would help a lot.

I am following this resource

EDIT: On doing rails c and printing Rails.application.config.assets.paths I can see vendor/assets/bower_components in asset paths `


Finally I resolved the issue by removing all the bower components and running

rails g bower_rails:initialize

It created an intializer for assets bower_rails.rb, which finally solved the problem

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