When trying to create a deamon application for mass updating users calendars, I stumbled upon the following documentation:

As it seems you can batch (aka combine) up to 20 requests in the "don't use this API for new project API", but you can only combine up to 5 requests with the new Microsoft Graph API.

I found that without batching creating and deleting 100 calendar items takes around 40 seconds. Since application management got so much easier I want to use the new API, but is there any change the 5 request batch limit will be removed to let's say 20 like on the old API?

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    I think this question have no relation with the batch-file tag, so I suggest you to remove it. You may review the description of such a tag hovering the mouse over it. – Aacini Jun 4 '17 at 20:24
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    Ok removed the wrong placed tag – Stephan Jun 4 '17 at 20:37

The batching feature is currently in beta. The limitation of 5 requests in the batch is a limitation I hope will be very short-lived. Customer asks will help me to advocate for that to happen. I've created a uservoice ask for this change here: https://officespdev.uservoice.com/forums/224641-feature-requests-and-feedback/suggestions/19505020-raise-or-remove-the-limit-on-number-of-requests-al. Voting on this ask will help demonstrate that the limitation should indeed be modified.

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    Thanks for creating a service request to remove the limit. If everyone facing issues with the limit could please up the user voice... – Stephan Jun 5 '17 at 20:09
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    Quick Update: JSON Batching was released to GA in January 2018 and now supports up to 20 requests. – Marc LaFleur Jan 30 '18 at 22:36
  • I've tried this using 6 requests and it works. So this answer can be outdated. Can you please update this answer with more current information? PS1: The link you've provided doesn't exists anymore. PS2: Is it possible to batch batch requests? – H. Pauwelyn Apr 30 at 11:27

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