I am running a machine with SunOS and NO graphical enviroment. Does someone know how to change the keyboard layout from the console??



Select your layout

Type the following command to select your layout from a list:

kbd -s

If your language isn't in the list, have a look at this blog post on how to create your own layout. You might have to take a look at this if you have a non-standard (e.g. Apple) layout.

Reload your keymap

Reload your keyboard translation table with the following command:


The change should persist through reboots, unless you're using an in-memory OS like SmartOS


have a look at the loadkeys command


If it's running a recent Solaris 10 update release or patch set, or a release newer than Solaris 10 (such as Solaris Express or OpenSolaris), try kbd -s -- on older Solaris x86 releases, try kdmconfig.


Change the LAYOUT value in /etc/default/kbd (use "kbd -s" to get a list of allowed values). Then run "kbd -i" and finally reboot.

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