I'm aware of the other threads on this topic but they are autoraised-based and/or all the answers point to software that's no longer being developed. I'm just looking for this simple feature: focus follows mouse WITHOUT autoraise for Mac. Zooom2 was able to perform this, but they are no longer developing their software. I'm not using the terminal and need to copy/paste and read between multiple programs with multiple windows, someone please tell you've found a solution to this?

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    Have you found a good solution for this? – foob.ar Mar 23 '18 at 16:20

chunkwm has recently added a setting ffm_disable_autoraise which works well for me on macOS Mojave. To enable only the Focus Follows Mouse feature, follow the install steps then edit ~/.chunkwmrc to comment out undesired plugins and enable FFM

# chunkc core::load border.so
# chunkc core::load tiling.so
chunkc core::load ffm.so

and disable autoraise

chunkc set ffm_disable_autoraise         1

The other available plugins are useful but are not the subject of this question.

Edit 2019-09-12:

chunkwm has been superseded by yabai. To install:

brew tap koekeishiya/formulae
brew install yabai
mkdir -p ~/.config/yabai/
printf 'yabai -m config focus_follows_mouse autofocus' >> ~/.config/yabai/yabairc
brew services start yabai
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  • Yabai works wonderfully! Thank you for solving my biggest gripe with macOS. – kalenpw Sep 27 '19 at 22:13
  • This is a lifesaver – Smitk Oct 22 at 17:56
  • Can this be configured to move focus over to other displays with mouse? – Smitk Oct 22 at 18:04

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