I know that OXS bind special keys on option key, such as option+y=¥,option+t=þ... But now, I want to cancel all these bindings, and use option+character as the shortcuts in JetBrains IDEs and other apps.
I have searched for hours and still haven't found a useful way.Can anyone share a tool or the correct way?I used the way to add Library/KeyBindings/DefaultKeyBinding.dict file, but it only canceled some key-bindings, not work for all.
It is my DefaultKeyBinding.dict file below :

"~d" = "deleteWordForward:";
"^w" = "deleteWordBackward:";
"~f" = "moveWordForward:";
"~b" = "moveWordBackward:";
"~u" = "pageUp:";

Now ,option+f/b can used as my jetbrains IDEs shortcut,but option+u still print special character.


I have found a way: if I select Unicode Hex Input as my input source from System preferences->keyBoard->Input Sources, all bindings now disappeared!

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