There's a issue filed here from 2014 suggesting an option for marking a github repository as deprecated. Anyone know if there's a way to do this besides placing a big deprecated banner in the readme? Ideally it would also work for an entire organization. Marking the organization as deprecated would cascade to all child repositories.

There does exist a Current best practice for “retiring” a project on github and npmjs.org but I'm looking for a standard way to do this that changes the icon or text in the list of repos (strikeout?), and adds a "deprecated" background image, as well as a hook that would trigger a deprecation of the corresponding NPM repo. As I mentioned, it should also trigger deprecation for all repositories contained in an organization.


Until a new feature is added do the following

  1. Edit the README.md
  2. Change the title (emojis work here)

:no_entry: [DEPRECATED] Active at https://github.com/{user}/{newproject}

  1. Add two topics

deprecated / obsolete


For an organization, I would suggest making a script which automatically changes the description for each repository in the organization, and adds the content that DaJudge mentioned. There's no current way of automatically deprecating an entire organization using GitHub.

I don't understand what you mean by a background image. I've been changing the title of the README itself to # DEPRECATED. Are you suggesting adding an image in to make it clear, too?

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    Yes - An image that is added automatically by a service or by github (Perhaps a github application) - that displays a faded deprecated banner in the background of the home page for the project's README. It should have an "UNDER CONSTRUCTION / RESTAURANT CLOSED" type feel to it. – Ole Aug 14 '17 at 17:14

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