Can anybody tell me why IE11 is throwing error at the last line -

this.document = this.control.value;
  const bytes = 
const file = new File(bytes, this.document.documentName, { type: 
       this.document.documentDataFormat });

This is working in both Chrome and Firefox.IE throws object error -

Object doesn't support this action.

As IE does not support constructor of File API, I have come up with the following workaround. Hope this helps to others in future -

const bytes = this.documentService.base64toBytes(this.document.documentBlob.documentData, this.document.documentDataFormat);
let file: File;
try {
  file = new File(bytes, this.document.documentName, { type: this.document.documentDataFormat });

  if (this.uploader.isFile(file)) {
} catch (err) { // Workaround for IE 11
  const blob = this.documentService.base64ToBlob(this.document.documentBlob.documentData,
  file = this.documentService.blobToFile(blob, this.document.documentName);
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    To keep it short for ie11 instead of "file = new File(bytes, this.document.documentName, { type: this.document.documentDataFormat });" you should do "new Blob(bytes, { type: this.document.documentDataFormat })" – Marco C. Nov 22 '18 at 10:23
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    what does documentService.blobToFile look like? – SeanMC Jan 31 at 20:00
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    @Brahim-LAMJAGUAR's answer did it for me. – SeanMC Jan 31 at 20:20

Files are Blobs plus meta properties, so you can just add the necessary properties like this :

let blob = this.documentService.base64toBytes(this.document.documentBlob.documentData, this.document.documentDataFormat);
// and add the meta properties
blob['lastModifiedDate'] = new Date();
blob['name'] = 'fileName';

Then the blob is a file.

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    wow. It's really that easy. After 20 minutes of frantic googling, turning my blob into a file without using a File constructor is really that easy. Thanks! – SeanMC Jan 31 at 20:19
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    @SeanKPS you are welcome, I'm glad I was able to help! – Brahim LAMJAGUAR Feb 1 at 13:46

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