table dd

dd:([]a:("account=abcde;cash=123";"account=abc;cash=345");1 2)


"account=abcde;cash=123"    1
"account=abc;cash=345"      2

I want to replace everything in account: so the result should be

"replace;cash=123"  1
"replace;cash=345"  2

I tried this

update ssr[;"account=* ;";""] each a from dd

but it didn't work.


Try the following:

q)update {";"sv @[s;where (s:";"vs x) like "account=*";:;enlist"newVal=123"]}each a from dd
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    works!! thanks Connor – Terry Jun 5 '17 at 23:28

And just to throw one more answer on the pile! If you can assume the account part you want to replace is always the first member of the ; separated list you can use the slightly simpler:

update ";"sv'@[;0;:;"replace"]each";"vs'a from dd

can't use wild card * with ssr information on http://code.kx.com/q/cookbook/regex/#regex-in-q for integrating with regex libraries.

alternative solution to ssr:

update a:{v:(" *";";")0:x;y,/:v 0}[a;"replacestring;"] from dd where a like "account=\*"

You can also try the following if you want to explicitly use ssr:

update {ssr[first "=" vs x;"account";"replace",";",last ";" vs x]} each a from dd

a                  x
"replace;cash=123" 1
"replace;cash=345" 2
  • Would only support 2 key/value pairs: dd:([]a:("account=abcde;id=112234;cash=123";"account=abc;id=112236;cash=345");1 2) – Connor Gervin Jun 6 '17 at 18:49

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