I am currently developing a Script that should be able to attach a certain Windows share as a network drive with an drive letter in a host system. As the Windows share is dynamic (could change nearly all the time the script get's invoked.) I need to pass this as an parameter to the script running on the VM.

What I currently have.

In my script calling the script stored on my machine.

MainScript.ps1 contains.

$MyVMName = "somevmname"
$Script = "C:\path\to\script\somescript.ps1 -Path \\some\shared\folder"
Invoke-VMScript -VM $MyVMName -ScriptText $Script -ScriptType PowerShell -GuestCredential $MyGuestCredential

somescript.ps1 contains.


New-PSDrive -Name "H" -PSProvider FileSystem -Root $Path -Credential $Credentials 

Every time I'm executing my MainScript.ps1 it will most likely freeze when the Invoke-VMScript command is been executed. Is there another way to pass the parameters to the script?

The documentation found under


does not reveal too much using parameters for the invoked script.


You could try to create a new PowerShell running the script:

$MyVMName = "somevmname"
Invoke-VMScript -VM $MyVMName -ScriptText "powershell.exe -file C:\path\to\script\somescript.ps1 -Path \\some\shared\folder" -ScriptType PowerShell -GuestCredential $MyGuestCredential

This is what I use

Invoke-VMScript -vm $vm -ScriptText {Start-Process "C:\Temp\Install.exe" -Verb runas "-q" -wait }

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