I'm writing tests for a PowerShell application, using Pester.

I have been able to create mocks for most functions, but I haven't been able to mock a function returning the $? variable. I'm currently using it to evaluate the returns from AWS CLI commands.

This is, for example, to mock a failing AWS CLI command return.

Any thoughts?

  • $_ Usually is just the current item you are working with. Can you give some examples of what you are trying to mock? – Ben Richards Jun 6 '17 at 16:13
  • 3
    @BenRichards $? returns true/false depending on if the last command ran without errors. – colsw Jun 6 '17 at 16:19
  • $? is readonly variable right? How can you mock it? – Ramana Jun 6 '17 at 16:24

If you're looking to get mock code which performs the same function as $?, you can use something like this (it is quite limited in terms of how it actually returns if multiple lines are executed at once, etc., and it will likely need to be modified depending on the execution context):

Function Test-LastCommandError {
    $LastCommand = (History | Select -Last 1).CommandLine
    $LastError = $Error[-1].InvocationInfo.Line
    $LastCommand -eq $LastError

Test-LastCommandError # Returns false

Test-LastCommandError # Returns true

This works for me manually executing each line, but not in an ad-hoc ISE window (since it copy-pastes everything as one command on execute).


We created an auxiliary function and passed the $? value.

function Test-LastExitCodeIsFalse ($last_exit) {
    if ($last_exit) {
       return $false

And a usage being

aws s3 <an aws command>
if (Test-LastExitCodeIsFalse($?)) {
   throw "AWS Exception"

Using Pester, then we just mock the Test-LastExitCodeIsFalse function to return false. And we have a unit test with a failing AWS instance :)


You should be able to do:

Mock AWC-CLI { $ = $true } -Verifiable

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