When I have classes ModuleA::Class1 with method test_method and ModuleB::Class2 with test_method as well, and somewhere in code I have ModuleB::Class2.test_method and click Ctrl-] on test_method it jumps to wrong test_method definition from ModuleA::Class1.

Is there any way to make ctags work with Ruby namespaces?


Maybe you could give ripper-tags a try, but I don't have any experience with it.

What I do usually is, if Ctrl+] doesn't open the correct tag, I just repeat :tnext until I reach the correct one.

In case you find that tiring, you could use vim-unimpaired to have the convenient [t and ]t or manually map

nnoremap ]t :tnext<cr>
nnoremap [t :tprevious<cr>
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