I have tried to implement Stack, Drawer and Tab Navigator together in a single project but it's not working what I expected. First, created tab navigator, one is Home and another one is Careers. Next, creating Stack Navigator and integrate drawer as root in NavigationApp. Next, Creating Drawer Navigator integrate AppDrawer as root.

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    import { StackNavigator } from 'react-navigation'
    import { TabNavigator } from 'react-navigation'
    import { DrawerNavigator } from 'react-navigation'
    import Register from './src/Register'
    import Home from './src/Home'
    import Products from './src/Products'
    import Openings from './src/Openings'
    import CareersPortal from './src/CareersPortal'
    export default class PageNavigation extends Component {
     return (
     <NavigationApp/>  ); 

     const AppTab=TabNavigator({
     Home:{screen :Home },
     CareersPortal:{screen : CareersPortal},

     const NavigationApp =StackNavigator({
     Home :{ screen: AppDrawer},

     const AppDrawer= DrawerNavigator({
     Home:{screen: AppTab},
     Products:{screen :Products},
     AppRegistry.registerComponent('PageNavigation', () => NavigationApp);

  Not integrated properly can anyone help me

You can use this structure that I found really handy whit react-navigation v3x

  • AppSwitchNavigator
    • AppDrawerNavigator
      • DashboardStackNavigator
        • DashboardTabNavigator

You can see this video that can explain you in much detail the answer you want.


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