I want to pass id of th tag <th id='1' onClick={this.click.bind(this)}> to on click function. Suppose i want to print the id of <th> in click() function console.log. here is the code-

    <th id='name' onClick={this.click.bind(this)}>Name</th>
    <th id='phone' onClick={this.click.bind(this)}>Phone number</th>
    <th id='email' onClick={this.click.bind(this)}>Email</th>

the click() function-

console.log('the clicked id is:') //here i want the id
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Bind takes arguments

this.click.bind(this, 'phone')

click(phone) {
  // ...

or use es6 arrow functions

onClick={() => this.click('phone')}

You can do something like this:

const headers = [
  { id: 'name', label: 'Name' },
  { id: 'phone', label: 'Phone' },
  { id: 'Email', label: 'Name' },

const ab = (
      {headers.map(doc => (
        <th onClick={() => { this.click(doc.id) }}>{doc.label}</th>

This should work:

  <th id='name' onClick={this.foo}>Name</th>
  <th id='phone' onClick={this.foo}>Phone number</th>
  <th id='email' onClick={this.foo}>Email</th>

The onclick function

   foo=(e)=> {

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