What is the difference between render size (width and height) and display size (style.width and style.height)

Even when I change it to px it is still not same.

These are the examples https://codepen.io/chartjs/pen/oWLZaR

<canvas id="chart_0" height="40vw" width="80vw"></canvas>


<canvas id="chart_0" style="height:40vh; width:80vw">
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    canvas.width & canvas.height set resolution and is always in pixels and should not be post fixed with a CSS unit type eg good width="300". bad width="300vw" Resolution is the number of pixels that an image contains. canvas.style.width & canvas.style.height sets the display size (amount of space the canvas occupies on the page) and is independent of canvas resolution. Display size must be in any of the valid CSS units.
    – Blindman67
    Jun 7, 2017 at 19:30

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height="" and width="" are HTML and do not use "view height" or "view width", only fixed sizes.

vh and vw are used in CSS only.

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