I am creating WebApi using dot net core

I have created procedure which returns data from 2 tables AS:-

select * from table1
select * from table2

I have model list as:-

public class ModelList
public model1 m1 { get; set; }
public model2 m2 { get; set; }

i am executing procedure and receiving result in mode list as:-

List<ModelList> ML= new List<ModelList>();
ML= db.ModelList.FromSql("EXECUTE [dbo].[usp]").ToList();

I am not getting the result of those two tables in these two separate objects.

it works with single table but not with multiple.

please suggest where i am making mistake ?

or whether it is doable in dot net core ?

  • In that case you need to use ADO.NET and handle multiple result set – H. Herzl Jun 8 '17 at 2:32
  • @H.Herzl there is limited functionality of ADO.net in CORE. – Abdul Rehman Sayed Jun 14 '17 at 11:47

The following implementation will provide the desired result:

public ModelList ExecuteMultiple(string query){

             using( IDbConnection connection = new SqlConnection(YOUR_CONNECTION_STRING)){
                    var multi = connection.QueryMultiple(query);
                    var modelList = new ModelList();
                    modelList.m1 = multi.Read<model1>();
                    modelList.m2 = multi.Read<model2>();
                    return modelList;
                catch( Exception ex){

             return null;


var modelList = ExecuteMultiple("EXECUTE [dbo].[usp]");
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