Say for example. Need to import a folder where all your scss partials in there. My query is how will I import the entire directory.

@import'layout/.'; Is this a right way or Correct me if i am wrong.


You can't import a folder SCSS you have to import each file

// Modules and Variables
@import "/base";

// Partials
@import "/reset";
@import "/typography";
@import "/buttons";
@import "/figures";
@import "/grids";
// ...

// Third-party
@import "vendor/colorpicker";
@import "vendor/jquery.ui.core";

Also you can import one file that has already imported everything in the folder. This way you can choose not to import some files.


You CAN import all partials within a given directory IF you're either using Ruby-on-Rails or using gulp (from my knowledge). In Gulp there is a plugin called gulp-sass-glob that will enable this to work. It's how I personally do my own imports.

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