Im trying to build an OSX bundle with Clion and Cmake, Currently the library links correctly in terms of I have no pre compile errors but when I build and try to run the program I get the following error

    dyld: Library not loaded: libxl.dylib
    Referenced from: 
      Reason: image not found

Ive searched on this issue and cant seem to find a clear solution, This is probably due to my lack of experience with CMake and C++.

If anyone has a solution or can point me in the direction of what I should be reading to further understand this it would be much appreciated.

See CMakeLists.txt below

    cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.7)
    project(project name)


    set(SOURCE_FILES main.cpp)

    find_package( Qt5Core REQUIRED )
    find_package( Qt5Widgets REQUIRED )
    find_package( Qt5Gui REQUIRED )

    set(PROJECT_LINK_LIBS libxl.dylib)

    #Mac Bundle (Built on Mac)
    add_executable(project_target_mac MACOSX_BUNDLE main.cpp)
    qt5_use_modules( project_target_mac Core Widgets Gui )
    target_link_libraries(project_target_mac Qt5::Widgets)
    target_link_libraries(project_target_mac ${PROJECT_LINK_LIBS} )
    #set_target_properties(project_target_mac PROPERTIES INSTALL_RPATH "${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/LibXL/lib")

    add_executable(project_target ${SOURCE_FILES})
    qt5_use_modules( project_target Core Widgets Gui )
    target_link_libraries(project_target Qt5::Widgets)
    target_link_libraries(project_target ${PROJECT_LINK_LIBS

} )

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