From the developer guide page, jplayer has noFullWindow option.

Parameter: Object - Defines the user agent blocklist, which contains regular expressions, which cause the full-screen and restore-screen buttons to be hidden if a match is found.

This object has default value:

noFullWindow: {
    msie: /msie [0-6]\./,
    ipad: /ipad.*?os [0-4]\./,
    iphone: /iphone/,
    ipod: /ipod/,
    android_pad: /android [0-3]\.(?!.*?mobile)/,
    android_phone: /android.*?mobile/,
    blackberry: /blackberry/,
    windows_ce: /windows ce/,
    iemobile: /iemobile/,
    webos: /webos/

I tried to set noFullWindow to null but wasn't successful.


OK, I solved the problem. My project is using the old version of jplayer (latest: 2.9.2, mine: 2.1.0)

jplayer version 2.1.0 has noFullScreen option instead of noFullWindow option.

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