Preparing to start the job... Downloading build artifacts... Target: https://api.ng.bluemix.net Creating service instance simple-rbs-cloudantNoSQLDB in org foodue / space dev as inopark95@gmail.com... OK Service simple-rbs-cloudantNoSQLDB already exists Using manifest file /home/pipeline/f1a258a3-836b-4192-9f3d-c81f0e0448bf/manifest.yml

Creating app simple-rbs-foodue in org foodue / space dev as inopark95@gmail.com... OK

Creating route simple-rbs.mybluemix.net... OK

FAILED Server error, status code: 400, error code: 210003, message: The host is taken: simple-rbs

Finished: FAILED

It says the host is already taken. Do you have any ideas how to fix this problem?


The host is already taken error means that either you or another user are already using that hostname and it is not available for use. To use a different hostname, modify your manifest.yml file to specify what host to use, or remove the host parameter to default to using <your-app-name>.mybluemix.net.

Example manifest.yml file specifying hostname of my-simple-rbs-hostname.mybluemix.net:

 - name: simple-rbs
   host: my-simple-rbs-hostname
   domain: mybluemix.net

See the Deploying with Application Manifests for more information on options in the manifest.yml file.


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