I want to use html-minifier to minify my html files.

I have install it by npm install -g html-minifier

However, sudo html-minifier rb.html --removeComments did NOT remove the comments in rb.html.

Does anyone know how to use it?

Additionally, I just want to minify the size of the html files by keeping exactly the same layout, what are conventional parameters that we put to html-minifier?

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You can target all html files in a specified directory with the following command:

html-minifier --input-dir dist --output-dir dist

With this example script I am compressing all html files in dist and outputting them to the same directory — essentially replacing the uncompressed html files with the compressed ones.

The command above actually doesn't do anything to the files because no options were defined. Some useful options are:

  • --collapse-whitespace: Collapse whitespace that contributes to text nodes in a document tree.
  • --remove-comments: Remove HTML comments
  • --minify-css: Minifies embedded and inline CSS (<style></style> and style="")
  • --minify-js: Minifies embedded and inline JS (<script></script> and e.g onload="")

Here's a command that you may end up with:

html-minifier --input-dir dist --output-dir dist --remove-comments --collapse-whitespace --minify-js --minify-css

To see the complete list of available options, run html-minifier -h.

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