I would like to use WSL (Bash on Windows) Git with VSCode instead of Git for Windows to avoid multiple Git installations.

I created a simple bat script to emulate git.exe comportment by redirecting git commands in WSL. It works nicely in CMD but not with VSCode. Also, WSL is my default terminal in VSCode.

VSCode settings.json:

    "git.path": "D:\\tools\\git.bat",
    "terminal.integrated.shell.windows": "C:\\Windows\\Sysnative\\bash.exe"

and git.bat:

@echo off
bash -c 'git %*'

Any idea to make VSCode working with WSL Git ?

  • The odd thing to me is that this approach works for ruby, rubocop, and every other executable I've tried. I don't understand why it does not work for git. – Tejay Cardon Feb 2 '18 at 16:52

I created a small tool to solve this for myself, and hosted it on GitHub.

Basic git functionality seems to work, like viewing changes and committing.

A ready-to-use binary can be downloaded from the Releases page.

One of the problems is that the input paths need to be translated from the Windows representation (C:\Foo\Bar) to the Linux paths in WSL (/mnt/c/Foo/Bar), and back again for paths in the output of git.

For example, the Git plugin in VSCode uses the command

git rev-parse --show-toplevel

to find the root directory of the git repository, but with WSL git this of course returns a Linux path that needs to be translated for VSCode on Windows.

  • Thank you, your exe works perfectly! I had not thought about the paths problem. I will try to solve this issue in my script and post the solution here when I have time. – Marc-Aurel Jul 27 '17 at 16:26

Provide the full path for the bash exec :

git.bat :

@echo off
c:\windows\sysnative\bash.exe -c "git %*"
  • This solution doesn't change anything at all. – Marc-Aurel Jun 23 '17 at 13:58

What you can do is to first try wslpath and if that fails you try a normal git command. It's not ideal but it works.

See: Use WSL git inside VS Code from Windows 10 17046


I found a solution that works for me : see link

Download the file wslgit.exe and configure it in settings.json

  "terminal.integrated.shell.windows": "C:\\WINDOWS\\System32\\bash.exe",
  "git.path": "C:\\Users\\<username>\\wslgit.exe"

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