While using NotePad++, and select a certain word, it automatically highlights all matched words?

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Does anyone know if there is a Visual Studio addin that can do this? or are there any hidden environment setting that can do this?

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Check following addins Productivity Power Tools addin
The background colour of the highlight in Productivity Power Tools is found under
Tools->Options->Productivity Power Tools->Enhanced Scroll Bar->Words Matching The Caret Location Color In The Editor.


Use Highlight selected word addin.


I believe Visual Assist can do that. This can be switched on in Settings -> Refactoring -> Automatically highlight references to symbol under cursor.

alt text


This is something that is automatically done by VS 2010 though if you are using an older version of VS you can get that functionality with third-party addins. For example I used to use an add-in called RockScroll that could highlight usages in a source file (By double clicking on the word) http://www.hanselman.com/blog/IntroducingRockScroll.aspx.

Also ReSharper has that functionality built into it with Cntl + Shft + F7

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