How do I clear the value from a cell and make it NULL?

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I think Zack properly answered the question but just to cover all the bases:

Update myTable set MyColumn = NULL

This would set the entire column to null as the Question Title asks.

To set a specific row on a specific column to null use:

Update myTable set MyColumn = NULL where Field = Condition.

This would set a specific cell to null as the inner question asks.


If you've opened a table and you want to clear an existing value to NULL, click on the value, and press Ctrl+0.


If you are using the table interface you can type in NULL (all caps)

otherwise you can run an update statement where you could:

Update table set ColumnName = NULL where [Filter for record here]

Use This:

Update Table Set Column = CAST(NULL As Column Type) where Condition

Like This:

Update News Set Title = CAST(NULL As nvarchar(100)) Where ID = 50
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Ctrl+0 or empty the value and hit enter.

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    Emptying the value and clicking enter will not create a NULL value. If the column is a string datatype (varchar and the like), it will create an empty string. If the column is a numeric datatype (int and the like) it will pop up an Invalid Value error. And so on. NULL is the absence of a value, and is does not mean "blank." Apr 8, 2019 at 16:49

Just as a little extension to Jeff Martin's and Zack Peterson's solution.

If you still want to set several values from the columns to null you can simply set the query to

UPDATE myTable SET MyColumn1 = NULL, MyColumn2 = NULL, MyColumn3 = NULL, ...

CTRL+0 doesn't seem to work when connected to an Azure DB.

However, to create an empty string, you can always just hit 'anykey then delete' inside a cell.

  • This not working in Azure DB is because the Ctrl+0 shortcut is specific to SSMS (and its predecessor, Enterprise Manager). Azure SQL Server features are all built in an entirely new interface on the web.
    – TylerH
    Sep 24, 2020 at 18:28

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