How do I set the sourceDirectory, testSourceDirectory and build plugins in a pom.xml that I'm creating using the gradle maven-plugin's pom DSL?

When I add build without a Closure to my DSL section, it's ok.. but when I add build { /* anything else, like actual compile plugins */} it gives me this error:

Execution failed for task ':mavenWrapper'.
> No such property: _SCRIPT_CLASS_NAME_ for class: org.apache.maven.model.Model

I'm guessing that gradle is treating build as the task rather than the DSL verb generated by org.sonatype.maven.polyglot.groovy.builder.ModelBuilder.

Is there a way to force build to be treated as part of the DSL? Can it be cast or something?

Right now I'm working around this by using .withXml but it's massively verbose and much less maintainable.

Here's an abbreviated version of what I've got working:

task mavenWrapper {
    doLast {
        delete 'pom.xml', 'mvnw', 'mvnw.cmd'
        pom {
            project {
                packaging 'pom'
                repositories {
                    repository {
                        id 'spring-milestones'
                        name 'Spring Milestones'
                        url 'https://repo.spring.io/libs-milestone'
                        snapshots {
                            enabled 'false'
                properties {
                    'kotlin.compiler.incremental' 'true'
                /* ******** Problem is here
                build {
                    plugins {
                        plugin {
                            // ... etc. etc.
                ******* */
                dependencyManagement {
                    dependencies {
                        dependency {
                            groupId 'org.jetbrains.kotlin'
                            artifactId 'kotlin-stdlib-jre8'
                            version "${kotlin_version}"
                            scope 'compile'
        }.withXml {
           // Workaround for the missing build { ... } section above.
           // etc. etc.
        exec {
            commandLine 'mvn', '-N', 'io.takari:maven:wrapper', '-Dmaven=3.5.0'
  • I've also tried delegate.build. No change. – Paul Hicks Aug 22 '17 at 2:11

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