So we have 2 functions:

const car = ():Car => {return {type: `car`, wheels: 4}};
const house = ():House => {return {type: `house`, rooms: 3}};

So I have a map:

const map = {car, house}

Now I have a function that based on the string invokes the car or bike like this:

type myType = (type:string):any;
const get:myType  = (type) => {
  return map[type]();

Now I call the function:

const myVar = get('car');

Now I would like flow to understand that myVar is a Car type. Is it possible and if yes, how?

I would like to keep this information in a map instead of doing the following:

type carType = (type:'car'):Car;
type houseType = (type:'house'):House;
const get:carType|houseType = (type) => {
  return map[type]();

Would be something similar to https://flow.org/en/docs/types/utilities/#toc-keys but for the values. Also this seems relevant: https://flow.org/en/docs/types/utilities/#toc-objmap

  • Typing in JS seems like a nightmare to me. Why not just embrace the dynamic nature? – evolutionxbox Jun 10 '17 at 23:04
  • Because I prefer with flow. Sorry but I want to know that is car, so it can correct for me in case my code tries to access wheels when should be a car. Also could potentially give autocomplete. – Totty.js Jun 10 '17 at 23:05

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