It's OK to ping IP address. picture about ping and cat /etc/resolve.conf

I can ping, so the DNS server is OK to reach, and /etc/resolv.conf edited correctly. But I just can't ping domain. I've tried shutdown firewall but failed. Too strange, I used service iptables stop and iptables was still there.

Two problems: 1. unknown host 2. stop iptables failed.

Anyone can tell me how to fix these?


I solved this problem by accident and I don't know if it's copyable, but I need to write it down.

 1. I set /etc/hosts to run command `yum install bind-utils`.
 2. then, I run command `dig +trace www.baidu.com` to find out why ping fail.

then, miracle happens. I can ping domain again. The problem solved magically just as it occurred.

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