I'm trying to setup FireBase functions, and when I use the command

npm firebase init functions

I am asked to choose a default project for the directory I've set up. My list is populated correctly, but I'm not able to select the options using the arrow keys. (nothing happens when I press up or down, and even enter)

Here are my versions:

  1. Windows 10
  2. NODEJS v8.1.0
  3. npm v5.0.3
  4. FireBase v3.9.1

A screenshot of the problem:

cannot select the options


Turns out, all you had to do was update your Firebase CLI tools, and downgrade the npm version.

I solved the issue by downgrading my NodeJS to v6.11.0.

Also, I updated my FireBase CLI by running

npm install -g firebase-tools

Use nvm-windows as a version controller for your npm.

Should do the trick.

Link: nvm-windows

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