When I create a gif, which works fine in Chrome, I cannot make it play in WhatsApp. It just shows a static image.

To give an example, I am using lua with the lua-gd package to draw gifs. Even the example code given, which gives a nice gif of an enlarging circle, doesn't play on WhatsApp. Note that my version of WhatsApp can view gifs just fine (for example those sent via web WhatsApp using Giphy gifs).

Here is the gif:


This is generated by the following example code by lua-gd:

require "gd"

im = gd.createPalette(120, 120)

black = im:colorAllocate(0, 0, 0)
blue = {}
for i = 1, 20 do
  blue[i] = im:colorAllocate(0, 0, 120+6*i)

fp = io.open("out.gif", "w")
assert(fp, "Failed to open file for writting")

fp:write(im:gifAnimBeginStr(true, 0))

for i = 1, 20 do
  tim = gd.createPalette(120, 120)
  tim:arc(60, 60, 6*i, 6*i, 0, 360, blue[21-i])
  fp:write(tim:gifAnimAddStr(false, 0, 0, 5, gd.DISPOSAL_NONE))


Most of the time it happens while we share gif through computer. Try to save created GIF file in your mobile device and share direct from mobile app. It worked for me every time.

  • Doesn't make sense why this worked, but it did. – Rich S Dec 22 '19 at 23:21

WhatsApp doesn't support sending GIFs directly, but I just found a workaround.

Send it as a video, open it on your phone, share it and select GIF there (in the top right corner on Android).

  • I just realized that this whole gif feature appears only to work if you use one of the GIF menu's (such as video -> gif or the gif tab in emoji's). This is a very weird feature to me. But this solution works, yes, thanks! – JBrouwer Mar 28 '18 at 18:56

Managed to solved it this way:

  1. Got the GIF in my computer

  2. The GIF was sent to myself as a file (not a photo), using WhatsApp web

  3. Downloaded & opened it in the phone.



On Linux is very easy with Imagemagick:

  • All images with same width maintaining aspect ratio: mogrify -resize 350 *.jpeg
  • Create GIF convert -loop 0 -delay 50 *.jpeg myanimation.gif
  • Convert GIF to MP4convert myanimation.gif myanimation.mp4

Of course you could create the MP4 directly without creating first the GIF.

In case your mp4 doesn't work try to fix it with:

ffmpeg -i broken.mp4 -c:v libx264 -profile:v baseline -level 3.0 -pix_fmt yuv420p working.mp4

Drag-dropping a GIF or attaching it as a file from your desktop won't work with the WhatsApp app. Instead, bluetooth the gif to your phone and then use it from there and it should work.

I shared a GIF from my MacBook to my iPhone and it worked on WhatsApp.

Hope this helps.

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