I want my CollectionView to still be able to scroll a bit up and down when there’s only a few cells (to get that bounce effect). In a previous question it was suggested that using

self.collectionview?.alwaysBounceVerticle = true 

would work (this was marked as the correct answer) but this doesn’t work anymore.

I’m using swift 3


After looking tying some stuff in the interface builder it turns out that you have to check the box for “Bounces” and “Bounces Vertically”


You can configure it using Storyboard. Just select your collection view and in attribute inspector check * Bounces* and Bounce Vertically.

enter image description here

  • Yeah I just saw I had that box checked but didn’t have the box for “Bounces” checked. So it only bounced when there was lots of cells – Nolan Ranolin Jun 11 '17 at 18:41
// swift
self.collectionview?.alwaysBounceVertical = true
self.collectionview?.bounces = true

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