I have some data stored as a neo4j node. This node has some property that is not described by the associated C# class, and thus is not automatically mapped back to the class when the neo4jclient query returns.

As an example, this C# class:

public class Node {
    public string name;
    public int number;
    public CustomClass data;

stored in neo4j, then retrieved with the following neo4jclient fluent code:

var query = client.Cypher
    .Return(n => n.As<Node>())

will populate a Node object with name and number, but leave a null reference to the CustomClass object.

To solve this problem I have serialized the CustomClass as a JSON string, and stored it in neo4j as a string property. In order to deserialize this JSON class, I need to retrieve the JSON string property from the Node stored in neo4j.

The neo4jclient documentation recommends the following:

.Return(() => new {
    JSONString = Return.As<string>("matchedNode.JSONProperties")

however this is invalid code. The Return after JSONString = does not exist in that context.

See Answer.

How can I get the JSONPropeties string out of the database?


The given code works exactly as expected, you just need to include the correct neo4jclient reference. In this case it is

using Neo4jClient.Cypher;

with that, Return is no longer undefined. This is also where the All class is, if you need access to all matched elements.


Further to your answer, aside from adding the

using Neo4jClient.Cypher

You could also choose just to return the Node properties like so:

var query = client.Cypher
    .Return(n => n.As<Node>().name) //<-- returning just the property
  • This works only if the class specified in the .As<> call has a field that matches the neo4j node field. (In your example "name".) But my issue as stated was that "This node has some property that is not described by the associated C# class..." so this answer is not applicable. – Stephen Belden Jun 20 '17 at 20:15
  • I would then use Node<string> and cast to a dynamic object – Chris Skardon Jun 21 '17 at 8:34

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