I just read React official Optimizing Performance guide. One advide of the article is to use immutable data and how to use them.

But it doesn't tell why immutable data could imporve the preformance. And I want to know why.


The link you provided explains:

Immutability makes tracking changes cheap. A change will always result in a new object so we only need to check if the reference to the object has changed.

Instead of checking each property of an object, and then those properties' properties, etc., it just needs to see if the top-level reference has changed.

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The immutability plays a roles while comparing the previous state with the current state in shouldComponentUpdate function

for example:

  1. we have some flight data coming from the backend
  2. After some operations you need to update the data, and you need to change the price.

Previous state

flight = { name: 'air india', price: 5000 }

updated data from the backend

price is change to 6000

There are two ways to do the change

  1. one directly changing(mutating) the object

flight.price = 6000

  1. Creating a new copy and doing those changes to that copy.
let modifyFlight = [...flight]; 
modifyFlight.price = 6000;
and set the state

what is the difference between the above two approaches? Before we go into deep we need to understand how ShouldComponentUpdate works.

function   shouldComponentUpdate (nextProps, nextState) {
  return  nextProps.flight !==  this .props.flight;

In the above function which takes a call to continue the updation lifecycle or not it will check only the reference, with the first approach there won't be any change in the reference so this function returns false and stops the updation life cycle,

But when we create a new object and do the required changes the reference address in the memory changes and doesn't match with previous object address, so ShouldComponentUpdate will return true and updation life cycle triggers.

As a final Note, we can use Immutability.js or any other js library to stop mutation of objets which halts the unnecessary rendering.

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