Problem with the UriMapper. The flaw is when i am navigating to my EULA page which navigates to first page which navigates to Main Page.xaml but, this navigates back to EULA.xaml, here i mapped the MainPage.xaml and toggled between EULA.xaml and MainPage.xaml. So, the problem is after EULA->firstpage->EULA but i want it like EULA->firstpage->MaiNPage. How to achive this? Regards, Panache


You have a navigation loop.

Instead of mapping MainPage with UriMapper, map a virtual page eg. MainOrFirstPage.

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Are you talking about a Navigation Loop ? I have this problem with a login screen : Remove a page from Navigation Stack

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If you want a way to only show your EULA page once, have a look at these questions which all cover this issue:

Creating a Logon Screen
How do I clear navigation history in Silverlight/Windows Phone 7?
How to change the startup page of a WP7 Application
Windows Phone 7 Sign in screen redirect
On application launch show 2 different pages based on a condition?

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