I want to convert laravel validation error array to a comma separated string. This is to use in an api service for an ios application. So that the iOs developer can process error messages easily.

I tried,

    $valArr = [];
    foreach ($validator->errors() as $key => $value) { 
        $errStr = $key.' '.$value[0];
        array_push($valArr, $errStr);
        $errStrFinal = implode(',', $valArr);

But it is not working.


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You should do like this :

$errorString = implode(",",$validator->messages()->all());

P.S. Assuming

$validator = Validator::make($dataToBeChecked,$validationArray,$messageArray)
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    also for other MessageBags like $validator->errors()->all()
    – Daryn
    Sep 23, 2021 at 10:26
You are not converting validation errors to array.Please use the below function and pass validation errors as parameter.

 public function validationErrorsToString($errArray) {
        $valArr = array();
        foreach ($errArray->toArray() as $key => $value) { 
            $errStr = $key.' '.$value[0];
            array_push($valArr, $errStr);
            $errStrFinal = implode(',', $valArr);
        return $errStrFinal;
//Function call.
$result = $this->validationErrorsToString($validator->errors());

The $validator->errors() returns a MessageBag,

see: https://laravel.com/api/5.3/Illuminate/Support/MessageBag.html.

You are close, you need to call the getMessages() function on errors(), so:

foreach ($validator->errors()->getMessages() as $key => $value) {

Hope this helps :)


If you are doing it like me without your validator and you are pulling messages from the exception you can use laravel helper Arr::flatten($array);

Link and code are for laravel 8.x but I tested this with 5.7 ;) It works.

From documentation:

use Illuminate\Support\Arr;

$array = ['name' => 'Joe', 'languages' => ['PHP', 'Ruby']];

$flattened = Arr::flatten($array);

// ['Joe', 'PHP', 'Ruby']

My code:

try {
    'test1' => 'required|integer',
    'test2' => 'required|integer',
    'test3' => 'required|string',
} catch (ValidationException $validationException) {
  return response()->json([
    'type' => 'error',
    'title' => $validationException->getMessage(),
    'messages' => Arr::flatten($validationException->errors())
  ], $validationException->status);
} catch (\Exception $exception) {
  return response()->json([
    'type' => 'error',
    'title' => $exception->getMessage(),
  ], $exception->getCode());

As you can see I am pulling the message and setting it as my title. Then I am using Arr::flatten($validationException->errors()) to get the validation messages and but to flatten my array for SweetAlert2 on the frontend.

I know I am late but I hope it will help someone that comes across these problems.

Greetings! :)

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