I am using azure media service for uploading and encodeing the video. I am trying to get the thumbnail of video during encoding but always give error. My code is here

function createThumbnail(MediaServicesRestProxy $restProxy, Asset $asset){
$mediaProcessor = $restProxy->getLatestMediaProcessor('Media Encoder Standard');
echo "Using Media Processor: {$mediaProcessor->getName()} version {$mediaProcessor->getVersion()}".PHP_EOL;
// 2.2 Create the Job; this automatically schedules and runs it
$outputAssetName = 'Encoded '.$asset->getName();
$outputAssetCreationOption = Asset::OPTIONS_NONE;
$taskBody = '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><taskBody><inputAsset>JobInputAsset(0)</inputAsset><outputAsset assetCreationOptions="'.$outputAssetCreationOption.'" assetName="'.$outputAssetName.'">JobOutputAsset(0)</outputAsset></taskBody>';
$xmlThumbnail = '<?xml version="1.0 encoding="utf-8"?>
            <Thumbnail Size="50%,*" Type="Jpeg" Filename="{OriginalFilename}_{ThumbnailTime}.{DefaultExtension}">
              <Time Value="0:0:0"/>
              <Time Value="0:0:3" Step="0:0:0.25" Stop="0:0:10"/>
$task = new Task($taskBody, $mediaProcessor->getId(), TaskOptions::NONE);
$job = new Job();
$job->setName('Thumbnail Creation Job');
$job = $restProxy->createJob($job, array($asset), array($task));
echo "Created Job with Id: {$job->getId()}".PHP_EOL;
// 2.3 Check to see if the Job has completed
$result = $restProxy->getJobStatus($job);
$jobStatusMap = array('Queued', 'Scheduled', 'Processing', 'Finished', 'Error', 'Canceled', 'Canceling');
while ($result != Job::STATE_FINISHED && $result != Job::STATE_ERROR && $result != Job::STATE_CANCELED) {
    echo "Job status: {$jobStatusMap[$result]}".PHP_EOL;
    $result = $restProxy->getJobStatus($job);
if ($result != Job::STATE_FINISHED) {
    echo "The job has finished with a wrong status: {$jobStatusMap[$result]}".PHP_EOL;
echo "Job Finished!".PHP_EOL;
// 2.4 Get output asset
$outputAssets = $restProxy->getJobOutputMediaAssets($job);
$encodedAsset = $outputAssets[0];
echo "Thumbnail Asset encoded: name={$encodedAsset->getName()} id={$encodedAsset->getId()}".PHP_EOL;
return $encodedAsset;

I have take the refence from the .net code for creating thumbnail and php video encoding code to create the thumbnail using azure Reference links Stackoverflow azure java sdk thumbnail example

and Using the Azure Media Services Thumbnail Task Preset with the Java SDK

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