Please forgive my english.

As you may know, Webrtc is not compatible with Safari IOS on iphone. So I need to force link to open firefox instead of safari.

I found solution for chrome:


If I do the same for firefox:


It open firefox but doesn't load the url. It will just display firefox with the previous url I open on my last firefox session.

So I made a search and I found these:

Force link to open in mobile safari from a web app with javascript

Force link to open in Chrome

iOS Facebook App browser - force link to open in Safari

But none of these solutions answer to my specific question.

Can someone already faced same issue?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards



Firefox URL scheme to do that would look like:


There is an open in Firefox library that can help with escaping:


Firefox also has a bug open to add support in IntentKit



I have a couple of Safari bookmarks that I use for this type of thing. These are helpful when I am using Safari, but there is some formatting issue and so I want to quickly/easily open the same page in another iOS browser. HTH.

Safari Bookmark Name: Open In Firefox
Bookmark URL: javascript:location.href=%22firefox%3A%2F%2Fopen-url%3Furl%3D%22+location.href;

Safari Bookmark Name: Open In Chrome
Bookmark URL:

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