So I am running my site as http://localhost:8080, below is my test:

public function testExample() {
        $this->browse( function ( Browser $browser ) {
            $browser->visit( '/' )
                    ->assertTitle( 'Welcome to Mysite' );
        } );

On running php artisan dusk, it opens wrong URL that is http://localhost. if I mention complete URL then it works.

How to make it open correct URL?

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    It should take the application URL from within your config/app.php or respectively APP_URL from within your .env file. Did you customize this parameter? – Sven Jun 15 '17 at 8:49

Thanks @Sven for the answer.

  1. Update .env file. Set APP_URL property

  2. Check config/app.php file. The url property should be like this 'url' => env('APP_URL', 'http://localhost') (in my case that's was the problem)

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