How do I convert any given number which can be a int or float64 to string ?

Using strconv.FormatFloat or FormatInt I have to specify that the given number is a float or integer. In my case it is unknown what I get.


When I get a 5 it should be converted into "5" and not "5.00"

When I get a 1.23 it should be converted into "1.23" and not "1"

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You may use fmt.Sprint

fmt.Sprint returns string format of any variable passed to it


package main

import (

func main() {
    f := fmt.Sprint(5.03)
    i := fmt.Sprint(5)

play link


If you don't know what type the number you need to convert to string will be, you can just use fmt.Sprintf with the %v verb:

fmt.Sprintf("%v", 1.23) // "1.23"
fmt.Sprintf("%v", 5) // "5"

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