I am doing a standard fork/execl in C++ on my Ubuntu PC to scan for Wi-Fi SSIDs. It looks like the interface name is not taking effect when called with excel.

execl( "/sbin/iwlist", "wlp4s0", "scanning", (char*) NULL );

This succeeds but I get this in stderr:

lo Interface doesn't support scanning.

enp0s25 Interface doesn't support scanning.

It looks like iwlist is trying to scan all interfaces.

If instead I do:

system( "/sbin/iwlist wlp4s0 scanning" );

I do not get these messages in stderr.

Is there something I am doing wrong in my execl call?


Figured it out.

In bash you always write something like

command arg1 arg2 ...

When the program 'command' parses the its arguments, the first argument (argv[0]) is 'command'.

However, when you call 'command' using using execl like this:

execl( "/path/to/command", "arg1", "arg2", (char*) NULL );

the first argument it gets is 'arg1'. This clearly does not work if the command is expecting this as argv[1] and is instead getting it as argv[0].

This explains why the command was ignoring my "wlp4s0" ifname. It was simply ignoring the first argument which it expected to be the command name/path.

So the solution to my original problem is this:

execl( "/sbin/iwlist", "iwlist", "wlp4s0", "scanning", (char*) NULL );

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