I try to migrate from 2.x to 3.4, with an url based language routing.

Now the paginator links are like /books/index?page=2&lang=en

How can I transform to be like /en/books/index?page=2 or how can I setup a new ruote if it is more simple.

In case that Dispatcher Filters is the best solution or Middleware can I have any example, because the documentation of Dispatcher Filters and Middlewareis extremely poor.

  • rewrite your routes to your books controller and make langange param a prefix to all actions Jun 15, 2017 at 11:43

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I think your routes need to be updated. If you have a number of routes that need language in them you can do something like:

// In config/routes.php
Router::scope('/', function($routes) {
  $routes->scope('/:lang', function ($routes) {
    $routes->connect('/books', ['controller' => 'Books', 'action' => 'index']);
    $routes->connect('/books/:action/*', ['controller' => 'Books']);

This will result in URLs like /en/books and /en/books/view/1

  • Thank you for this answer, now i found it also in the docs, but i understand how it works only because of You. Thanks. Jul 16, 2017 at 15:50

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