I have a analysis_20170615_test_of_spin_vs_ctrl_shift_k.R file containing the following:

#' This is a test of spin reading numbering in markdown.
#' #. Hi this should be number 1.
#'     + this should be a bullet.
#' #. This should be number 2.
#'     + this should be a second bullet.

I convert this file into a html document two ways, one by using the rmarkdown::render from RStudio's CTRL-SHIFT-K shortcut. The helpfile linked says:

Note that when using rmarkdown::render the spin function is called automatically under the hood as part of rendering

My problem is that the numbers and bullets are not rendered when I call knitr::spin('analysis_20170615_test_of_spin_vs_ctrl_shift_k.R') directly.

E.g.enter image description here

  • (numbers can be rendered with spin as long as you use 1. and 2. instead of #.) – Alex Jun 15 '17 at 4:48

knitr::spin() uses the markdown package to render Markdown to HTML, which does not support #. as the syntax for numbered lists. rmarkdown::render() uses Pandoc, which supports #.. Unless you know what you are doing, it is strongly recommended that you use the rmarkdown package instead of markdown.

To clarify, rmarkdown::render() calls knitr::spin() to convert .R to .Rmd, and then it is compiled through knitr::knit() and rmarkdown::pandoc_convert(). rmarkdown::render() does not directly produce the HTML output from knitr::spin().

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