I am using to_xls gem to generate excel sheets. My query requires to Fetch data from bill model, property model, owner model and bank details model wherein all the models above form a chain.

My associations are as follows.

Bill model

   belongs_to   :property,  class_name: "::Property"

Property model

   has_many :owners,    class_name: "::Properties::Owner"
   has_many :bills,     class_name: "::Bill"


   belongs_to   :property,  class_name: "::Property"
   has_one  :bank_detail, as: :account, class_name: "::Users::BankDetail"


   belongs_to :account, polymorphic: true

My query has to contain bill.amount, bill.property.owners.(each owner)name ( property can have many owners), bill.property.owners.(each owner)email, bill.property.owners.(each owner)mobile, and bill.property.owners.(on each owner).bank_detail.ifsc.

In my Bills controller

    def create_excel 
    @bills = Bill.all
    respond_to do |format|  
    format.xls do
              Bill.all.joins(property: {owners: :bank_detail}).select('
     bills.amount, bills.created_at, owners.name as owners_name').to_xls,
      content_type: 'application/vnd.ms-excel',
      filename: 'excel.xls')

Here, however, it throws an error on

   ERROR:  missing FROM-clause entry for table "owners"
   LINE 1: SELECT  bills.amount, bills.created_at, owners.name as 

I am very unsure how to write this SQL query in rails since I am a beginner. Can someone plz help me with the exact query to display on to my excel sheet.Plz, help!

  • what if you remove .all? – Md. Farhan Memon Jun 15 '17 at 7:17
  • doesn't do anything, throws the same errors. – Mahesh Mesta Jun 15 '17 at 7:27
  • try this in your bill.rb after belongs_to, has_many :owners, through: :property – Md. Farhan Memon Jun 15 '17 at 7:28

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