In bottom navigation with three tabs (Home, Dashboard, Notifications). Each bottom navigation tab is a fragment. The first tab ie. Home fragment contains another top navigation tabs having four tabs (Tab 1, Tab 2, Tab 3, Tab 4).

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The problem

  1. When navigate from Home tab to Notifications tab directly and come back to Home tab, Tab1/which ever tab previously selected tab (top navigation tabs) the content of the tab is not loaded.

  2. When swipe the tabs from Tab 1 (Home fragment tab) all the way to Notification tab and swipe back, on reaching the Tab 4 the content of the tab is not loaded and on first swipe from Tab 4 to Tab 3 the swipe does not take to Tab 3. The tab indicator just move a little and on second swipe it goes to Tab 3 as expected.

The app contains a lot of code so I'll just link the full code to Github.

For quick reference here are my codes


public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity {

    private ViewPager viewPager;

    NavigationView navigationView;

    private BottomNavigationView.OnNavigationItemSelectedListener mOnNavigationItemSelectedListener
            = new BottomNavigationView.OnNavigationItemSelectedListener() {

        public boolean onNavigationItemSelected(@NonNull MenuItem item) {
            switch (item.getItemId()) {
                case R.id.navigation_home:
                    return true;
                case R.id.navigation_dashboard:
                    return true;
                case R.id.navigation_notifications:
                    return true;
            return false;


    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

        // Hide the activity toolbar

        //Initializing viewPager
        viewPager = (ViewPager) findViewById(R.id.viewpager);

        final BottomNavigationView navigation = (BottomNavigationView) findViewById(R.id.navigation);

        viewPager.addOnPageChangeListener(new ViewPager.OnPageChangeListener() {
            public void onPageScrolled(int position, float positionOffset, int positionOffsetPixels) {


            public void onPageSelected(int position) {
                switch (position){
                    case 0:
                    case 1:
                    case 2:

            public void onPageScrollStateChanged(int state) {



    private void setupViewPager(ViewPager viewPager) {
        BottomNavPagerAdapter adapter = new BottomNavPagerAdapter(getSupportFragmentManager());
        adapter.addFragment(new FirstFragment());
        adapter.addFragment(new SecondFragment());
        adapter.addFragment(new ThirdFragment());


FirstFragment.java (Home)

public class FirstFragment extends Fragment {

    private TabLayout tabLayout;
    private ViewPager firstViewPager;

    public FirstFragment() {
        // Required empty public constructor

    public View onCreateView(LayoutInflater inflater, ViewGroup container,
                             Bundle savedInstanceState) {
        // Inflate the layout for this fragment

        View rootView = inflater.inflate(R.layout.fragment_first, container, false);

        firstViewPager = (ViewPager) rootView.findViewById(R.id.viewpager_content);

        tabLayout = (TabLayout) rootView.findViewById(R.id.tabs);

        return rootView;

    private void setupViewPager(ViewPager viewPager) {
        TabViewPagerAdapter adapter = new TabViewPagerAdapter(getActivity().getSupportFragmentManager());
        adapter.addFragment(new Tab1Fragment(), "Tab 1");
        adapter.addFragment(new Tab1Fragment(), "Tab 2");
        adapter.addFragment(new Tab1Fragment(), "Tab 3");
        adapter.addFragment(new Tab1Fragment(), "Tab 4");


  1. What's wrong in code ?
  2. How to solve this issues? (The layout is a requirement) or is there any better approach to come up with the layout from the screenshot?

Actually, it is a common mistake - you're using FragmentManager of your Activity inside the fragment, but since this fragment contains another child fragments you have to use FragmentManager of the fragment itself. So the fix is simple - you just have to change getActivity().getSupportFragmentManager() to getChildFragmentManager() inside your fragments, so the code will be:

private void setupViewPager(ViewPager viewPager) {
    TabViewPagerAdapter adapter = new TabViewPagerAdapter(getChildFragmentManager());

And this should work as expected.

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