In Java it is possible to write code like this:

model.getObservableProduct().observe(this, new Observer<ProductEntity>() {
    public void onChanged(@Nullable ProductEntity productEntity) {

However trying to override local function in Kotlin results in: enter image description here

Question: is it possible to override local function in Kotlin?

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try using object expression instead.

//       the parentheses must be removed if Observer is an interface  ---V
model.getObservableProduct().observe(this, object:Observer<ProductEntity>(){
   override fun onChanged(productEntity:ProductEntity?) {

IF the Observer is a java SAM interface (kotlin SAM interfaces aren't currently supported) then you can using lambda expression instead as further:

model.getObservableProduct().observe(this, Observer<ProductEntity>{

OR using a lambda expression instead, for example:

// specify the lambda parameter type ---v
model.getObservableProduct().observe<ProductEntity>(this) {
  • Perfect answer, both methods works. And, yes, Observer is a SAM interface.
    – 0leg
    Jun 15, 2017 at 8:50

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