Every time I run this command: ionic cordova build android --release

I am using cordova -v 7.0.1

I get this error:

The config file (.\ionic.config.json) is not valid JSON format.

Please fix any JSON errors in the file.

Here is my file:

  "app_id": "12345",
  "name": "myApp",
  "type": "ionic1"

I'm not sure what's going on here.

This command works fine: cordova build android --release

I am not sure what's going on with ionic.


Goto this path- C:/Users/{your_username}/.ionic find file ionic.config and delete it.

It will be auto-regenerated by the CLI.


It wasn't my ionic config file after all. It was a package.json and bower.json files. They did not have the dependencies correctly in place and the app name was in uppercase. After I fixed my dependencies, I got the command to work.



npm uninstall -g ionic

Remove .ionic from user home folder

rm -Rf ~/.ionic

Then, reinstall ionic:

npm i -g ionic

just open the config.json file on your ide, delete all the content and ionic serve

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