Can anyone offer a tip on filtering actions from Redux-Logger? I'm attempting to filter @@redux-form/BLUR and the like coming from Redux Form.

Based upon the Redux Logger Recipe here https://github.com/evgenyrodionov/redux-logger#log-everything-except-actions-with-certain-type

Log everything except actions with certain type

  predicate: (getState, action) => action.type !== AUTH_REMOVE_TOKEN

Based upon the recipe cited above I would expect to provide a statement with the expression formatted similarly and to return false. I am logging successfully passing the collapsed option, so I wouldn't suspect I'm doing anything wrong in applyMiddlewear().

predicate:(getState, action) => action.type !== @@redux-form/FOCUS || @@redux-form/BLUR || @@redux-form/FOCUS

From the creator of Redux-Logger:

predicate:(getState, action) => !action.type.includes('@@redux-form')

Full Example:

import { applyMiddleware, createStore } from 'redux';
import { createLogger } from 'redux-logger';

const logger = createLogger({
  predicate: (getState, action) => !action.type.includes('@@redux-form'),

  //...other options

const store = createStore(

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