In Prestashop 1.7 I'm trying to interact with webservice using prestapyt.

from prestapyt import PrestaShopWebServiceDict 
prestashop = PrestaShopWebServiceDict('http:\\hostname.ext\api', 'APIKEY')
ps = prestashop.search('addresses')

I get this error

prestapyt.prestapyt.PrestaShopAuthenticationError: 'Unauthorized'

To try to understand if is an error of the library, I've tryied to connect at the API via browser.

Connecting at http:\hostname.ext\api I get a login request.

Inserting in the username filed the APIKEY and leaving the password field blank as indicated here I get the Unauthorized error again.

The authetication works only setting the APIKEY as querystring


But this method is not available in prestapyt that user session authetication.

There's some setting on Prestashop that I missed or a way to understand this problem?

Thank you


Found the problem and solved the case in this way.

The problem is not releted to Prestashop or prestapyt but relative to the server configuration (Apache + PHP).

Considering that in my case I'm working in a managed cloud service, I don't have in depth information about that.

But the result of this configuration is that the Authorization header does not appear in the $_SERVER variable. The same behavior reported here:

Why are $_SERVER[“PHP_AUTH_USER”] and $_SERVER[“PHP_AUTH_PW”] not set?

I solved adding this statement to the .htaccess file in my Prestashop installation:

SetEnvIf Authorization "(.*)" HTTP_AUTHORIZATION=$1

As suggested here.

I hope to help others Prestashop users that incur in the same problem.

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    Solved my problem. Thanks! – vosicz Sep 9 '17 at 23:56

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