I am currently attempting to sort a collection in MongoDB using the last date of the child element.

It appears I should be using the .aggregate function, but can't seem to sort it out.

The structure of the data is

  _id: int,
  cellNumber: string
  messages: [
       _id: int,
       body: string,
       date: Date/Time

It looks like I should be using the code

  { $group: { _id: "$_id", lastDate: { $last: "$messages.date" } } },
  { $sort: { lastDate: 1 } }

But the element with 2 children always returns 2 dates


{ _id: parentId, lastDate: dateOfLastMessage }


{ _id: parentId, lastDate: [ dateOfMessage1, dateOfMessage2 ]}

I think this will give you the result you want (assuming that by 'last', you mean the most recent date):

  {$unwind: '$messages'},
  {$sort: {'messages.date': -1}},
  {$group: {_id: "$_id", messages: {$push: '$messages.date'}}},
  {$project: {messages: {$arrayElemAt: ['$messages', 0]}}},
  {$group: {_id: '$_id', lastDate: {$last: '$messages'}}}

The $arrayElemAt operator was only introduced in Mongo version 3.2.

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