Does anyone know of an audio/video library that supports Python 3, or a way to play audio files with Python 3 successfully?


If you are looking for libraries to Python, look at http://pypi.python.org/ There is a page for libraries that have Python 3 support (but it's not complete, not all libraries that support Python 3 are marked as such): http://pypi.python.org/pypi?:action=browse&c=533&show=all

You can also click yourself through all the categories to find packages. That way you can find all Multimedia-Audio packages that support Python 3:


And Video:


The list isn't that impressive in either case. If you must use Python 3, find the libraries you do want, contact the authors and help them port to Python 3. It's fun, and you'll learn more about Python than you thought there was to know! :-)

Otherwise, use Python 2. It's still a couple of years before Python 3 will have enough libraries to be generally useful unless you want to port libraries.

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