I tried to open a DBML file recently, and when it didn't open correctly, I found out that I had to install the LINQ to SQL option for VS2017 Community. I used the Visual Studio Installer to add the LINQ to SQL option. When I reopened VS 2017 Community, DBML files opened correctly, but I still could not find the template for new DBML files (LING to SQL files).

How can I enable that template?

  • UPDATE: When I open the dbml file using VS 2017, it shows in the object view, (not code) but if I change anything in the dbml file, the code behind cs file does not update. – ffrugone Jun 26 '17 at 20:01

Here's what helped me:

  1. Quit Visual Studio 2017
  2. Launch the Visual Studio Installer
  3. Choose to modify the Visual Studio Installation Visual Studio Installer
  4. Click on "Individual Components", scroll down and click the checkbox next to "LINQ to SQL tools" Individual Tools
  5. Click "Modify" and then restart Visual Studio 2017

You may need to update your version of Visual Studio before the modify option displays.

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